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Ahee Legacy | Ahee Through the Years

Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers is Founded

Edmund T. Ahee opens his first store in his uncle's bowling alley. He sells diamonds, jewelry, vacuums, radios, appliances, luggage, power tools, cameras, portable TVs, watches, typewriters, sewing machines, photographs, transistors, dinnerware, baby gifts, stainless steel, binoculars and tape recorders.

Edmund and Bettejean are Wed

The First Ahee Cash Register is Purchased

When Edmund T. Ahee was starting his new business, he needed a cash register and bought one at an auction in 1949. As the business achieved more success, Mr. Ahee considered it his lucky cash register and never wanted to part with it. Even though the latest date it can print is 1955 and the highest number it can ring up is $999, the lucky cash register remains at Ahee Jewelers 70 years later.

Mrs. Ahee's Engagement Ring is Sold

During the time when Mr. Ahee was working hard to grow his business and pay his bills, a gentleman referred by a friend entered his store to look for an engagement ring. When he didn't find exactly what he was looking for, he thanked Mr. Ahee and was about to leave when Mr. Ahee exclaimed, "wait I have one more ring in the back." He had brought Mrs. Ahee's ring to the store to be polished. He proceeded to bring the ring out and show the customer. "Perfect", the customer said and purchased the ring. Later, when Mrs. Ahee was asked if she was upset, she responded 'no, I knew he would replace it with a larger diamond’

Edmund T. Ahee moves from his uncle's bowling alley

Edmund T. Ahee purchases a large collection of the estate of Matilda Dodge

Ahee Jewelry Store Flourishes

"From corporation executives and religious leaders to the fellow who's buying a diamond for his girlfriend, they come to Edmund T. Ahee for fine jewelry." - quote from a newspaper article.

The Ahee workshop is created. Today, the state-of-the-art Ahee backroom workshop is filled with an award-winning in-house team of master craftsmen.

Ahee Jewelers Hosts First Capuchin Soup Celebration

Edmund T. Ahee grew up in Detroit during The Great Depression. When his father passed away when Mr. Ahee was only 13, he supported his mother and siblings. Many of his friends stood in line at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. In 1981, Edmund and Bettejean asked their children to hold an event that would help raise awareness of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and all that it does for Detroit's less fortunate. As a result, the Ahees underwrote and produced the first 'Capuchin Souper Celebration' at The Roostertail in Detroit. Several hundred people attended and $8,000 was raised. The Ahee family never imagined what would happen in the following years - the event grew exponentially and outgrew several venues to land at its ultimate destination at Comerica Park. Today, 35 years later, thousands of supporters attend the event and to date, the Souper Summer Celebration has raised more than $6 million.

Ahee Jewelers Designs Jewelry for the Pope

Over the years, Ahee jewelers have had the rare privilege of creating jewelry for the church. The ultimate honor came in 1987, when Cardinal Edmund Szoka asked Ahee Jewelers to create the jewelry for the visit of Pope John Paul II, recently canonized as Saint John Paul the Great. Ahee craftsmen worked feverishly around the clock to create an inspired design with meticulous workmanship of the sacred items. For the Ahee family, the honor was a true blessing.

Ahee Jewelers Begins Partership with The Pluczenik Group.

Diamonds come from diamond mines. So that's where Ahee gets their diamonds – direct from the mine. Not from middlemen or brokers. Ahee has this rare capability through its unique relationship with one of the wold's largest site holders, the Pluczenik Group in Belgium. This 25-year partnership allows Ahee exclusive access to the finest diamonds at the greatest value. If you want the best, go to the source; Ahee Jewelers.

Paul W. Smith Becomes Ahee Spokesperson

The Ahee Signature Box Makes its Debut

Pamela Ahee Thomas Wins the International Platinum Guild Design Award

Competing with elite designers from all over the world, including Paris, London and New York, Pamela Ahee Thomas, daughter of Edmund and Bettyjean Ahee, brought the top honors home to Grosse Pointe, with her first-place win of the International Platinum Guild Design Award.

Edmund T. Ahee Passes Away

Ahee Jewelers founder and family patriarch passes away at age 77. Fifty-two years after starting the business inside his uncle's bowling alley, Edmund leaves behind a legacy of quality, compassion and service that is carried on today by generations of the Ahee family.

Michigan Retailer of the Year

Michigan Retailers Association recognizes Ahee Jewelers for their superior service and retail experience they provide to their clients. The award highlights retailer involvement in both the community and throughout the entire state.

Pointer of Interest. Bettejean Ahee is featured in the Grosse Pointe News as a Pointer of Interest.

Edmund T. Ahee Jr. Passes Away

Chris Ahee Receives Case Award

Ahee Jewelers is Named America's Best Jewelers

Ahee Partners with Morada Blue Swimwear

Ahee Jewelers Receives the 5 Star Diamond Award

The Ahee Holiday Bow is Revealed

Ahee Jewelers Receives Legacy Award

Bettejean Ahee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The Ahee Jewelers Redesigns Showroom

Ahee Jewelers expands their Grosse Pointe Woods showroom to include room for new and exclusive designers, larger existing collections and a Patek Phillipe boutique.

New Cartier Boutique is Unveiled

Ahee Jewelers partners with Cartier to create a new in-store Cartier boutique, the first of its kind in the country.